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Central Florida has a wide variety of job opportunities in many trades. You can build a career in a field that caters to your skillset, feels rewarding, and is poised for growth. Start your research here and then check out our job board to take the next step toward your future.


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Carpenters are hands-on and technical professionals that build the framework and structure of a home, out of wood. There is a wide range of specialties in this field, ranging from creating structurally sound walls and trusses to cabinetry and decorative finishing details.

Door Installer

A Door Installer adds weatherproofing, structural integrity, and functionality to a home with doors that homeowners see and use every day. To operate effectively, doors must be installed with incredible accuracy, requiring a high level of attention to detail and training in the field.


A job as a driver could steer your career in the right direction. Get a CDL and you can become a box truck driver or other vehicle operator.

Drywall Installer

A Drywaller is trained to measure, cut, fit, install, and finish drywall. Drywall sheets are attached to walls and ceilings to help make the home structurally solid and assist with insulating and soundproofing. There are highly skilled areas of this trade, but entry level positions are available with most companies.

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Electricity is necessary to fuel practically everything around us. Someone that can install, inspect, diagnose, and repair electrical systems is highly valued

Exterior Finisher

An Exterior Finisher builds, installs, and repairs home exteriors. This can involve working on exterior siding, installing stucco, waterproofing, and much more, while collaborating with other construction professionals.

Flooring Installer

A flooring installer will work with a multitude of different materials, including tile, wood, carpet, and manufactured products. These products help with the insulation, comfort, and aesthetics of the home. While the trade is versatile, most of the time these positions can be learned through apprenticeship and on the job training.

HVAC Technician

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. HVAC Technicians make homes more comfortable by ensuring healthier indoor air quality and climate control. Licenses and training can quickly accelerate your career in this field.

Insulation Installer

An Insulation Installer replaces or installs the materials used to insulate homes. While the main function in insulation is aid with climate control, it also helps to make the home quieter and safer. On the job training can be provided and experience is not always necessary to start in this field.


Masons build structures using materials like brick, cement, or stone. This skill can be used to create paths, walls, structural support, floors, and more.


Outside of more hands-on work, there are a variety of office-based positions that keep construction moving on the job site. Careers such as Administration, Accounting, Customer Service, Human Resources and more are just as necessary in the construction field as any other.


Paint is used in houses everywhere, for interiors and exteriors. While aesthetically pleasing, paint is one of the key features in protecting the home from the elements. This skill combines artistry with craftsmanship, leaving homes more beautiful and better protected.

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One cannot overstate the importance of having access to clean water and sanitation. Plumbers repair, route, and replace pipes and any fixtures or appliances involving water. They play an integral part in some of the most valuable areas of the home.

Pool & Patio Installer

Homeowners highly value a pool and patio area that’s polished and attractive. This type of position incorporates several trades into one – including masonry, plumbing, landscaping, equipment operator and design. With so many functions, there are a multitude of roles to choose from.

Project Manager

Home construction is complex and requires Project Managers to see it through to completion. In this role, you’ll see projects through to completion by planning, budgeting, and supervising. Someone with the skills to lead and coordinate can become a Project Manager with proper training and certifications.


Roofers build, inspect, and repair roofs. A tradesperson that ensures that homes are watertight and structurally sound brings lots of people peace of mind.


Sales is an integral part of getting the construction process started in any trade. Requirements for these roles include attention to detail, time management, communication, and a high level of customer service. Some sort of a construction background is helpful, but there are many entry level roles available.

Site Worker

A site worker’s responsibility is to prepare a plot of land for construction. There are a variety of jobs that make up site work. Whether you’re involved in equipment operation, surveying, drainage, or vegetation clearing, you’ll be part of a team that’s building something great.

Warehouse Worker

Materials are key in the construction of a home. Suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors must store these products for future construction. There are a variety of functions within the warehouse, including preparing orders for delivery, receiving and processing stock, controlling inventory, and more.

Window Installer

A Window Installer adds weatherproofing, structural integrity, and aesthetics to a home with windows that homeowners see every day. This job involves working on ladders with power tools and adhesives to create a watertight, functional, and beautiful addition to the home.

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