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With a passion for craftsmanship and an eagerness to learn a set skill, you can find a fulfilling career as a trades and business professional within the homebuilding industry. A skilled trades career allows you to better you and your family as well as serve your local community – by building the American Dream. With FREE training and resources, there is nothing holding you back.

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We can connect you to a wide variety of trades, so that you’re sure to find one that’s the right fit for your skillset.

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Electricity is necessary to fuel practically everything around us. Someone that can install, inspect, diagnose, and repair electrical systems is highly valued

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Carpenters are hands-on and technical professionals that build the framework and structure of a home, out of wood. There is a wide range of specialties in this field, ranging from creating structurally sound walls and trusses to cabinetry and decorative finishing details.


Outside of more hands-on work, there are a variety of office-based positions that keep construction moving on the job site. Careers such as Administration, Accounting, Customer Service, Human Resources and more are just as necessary in the construction field as any other.

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